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As the name implies, Dental Authority Marketing is all about expert positioning. Practices grow rapidly by implementing strategies that are ALREADY tested and proven in not only our own practices but in multiple dental offices across the continent.
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Written by Dental Authority Marketing on July 9, 2018
Let’s face it. We get bombarded with ads from marketing companies who ALL promise more new patients. They know that most of us dentists don’t have the time or know-how to really investigate their credentials.
So they get away with it year after year, client after client. After all there’s an endless supply of dentists willing to pay for “results.”
But must it be this way?
Written by Dental Authority Marketing on Oct. 1, 2018
If you read the first article in this series you may recall that in July we held a live training event, teaching dentists 21st century marketing strategy. We condensed four years of trial and error into a two day presentation that detailed exactly what’s working right now in dozens of markets.
The live training was a hit with doctors from across the continent. It was an intimate but powerful group of dentists who want to practice differently, to build their niche practices and escape the day-to-day madness of “dentistry for everyone.”
Key Take Aways...
Produced by Tim Rauch on January 15, 2019
Niche Marketing For Your Dental Practice

In this episode Dr. Gina Dorfman interviews Dr. Tim Rauch, a practicing dentist in Hollister CA, Dental Marketing Guru, and a Co-Founder of Dental Authority Marketing....
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