Conceived and created by practicing dentists, for dentists. DAM maintains a team of vetted implementation experts and marketing industry insiders. DAM is results driven - we’ve done the homework and double checked the math...There isn’t any other option in the industry that will position you to show up better.
It's no secret that new patients are the key to growth in any dental office. but are all new patients created equal? Absolutely NOT

For years the dental marketing experts have been preaching to attract the soccer moms, because they make all the health care decisions. Well, let me ask you a question, how many healthy soccer mom's does it take to equal the value of JUST ONE implant, ortho or cosmetic patient? 

And how much does your overhead and facility time and staff time go up to provide service for those soccer moms compared to that one high value patient? The math is simple here. Leveraging high value niche procedures not only increases your production faster than anything else, but it also DECREASES your OVERHEAD leading to MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY for your practice.
Market Exclusivity
DAM only partners with ONE doctor or office in a geographic area. Depending on local population density your exclusive area will cover at least a 10-15 mile radius. 

This means we will not accept any other dentist or dental specialist into our program who will compete. 

There can only be one top doctor and we want to make sure it’s you. 

You’ll be listed on our authority website “thedentistsofdistinction.com” and to ensure this remains an exclusive club we are ONLY taking on 100 doctors across North America. 

You’ll join a group of forward thinking dentists and business owners who take their positioning and future of their practices seriously.
NO Risk
A truly compelling offer is one that is so good you can’t say no. 

At DAM we provide clients with EXACTLY the same ads that have created local expert status in our own practices. We don’t require a contract and any client can leave at any time with no hard feelings and no pushy questions asked. We won’t hijack your domains or engage in any of the tricks that some other (non-dentist) marketing companies have tried to pull. Our reputation hinges on first giving value and then getting your testimonial. 

Our own active practices generate millions of dollars a year and provide a fertile testing ground for all of our authority marketing pieces and campaigns. You get what works now or we part as friends without penalty. In short, you have nothing to lose.
One of the core principles of persuasion is Authority, which is the reverence and respect that is commanded by one who has the title, appearance and trappings of an expert. 

Authority Marketing is all of the steps taken to acquire preeminent positioning as local expert. When you are everywhere, from TV to radio to print AND when you dominate the local web platforms such as Facebook and Google, well, you soon become the the most credible source of dental related information around

We position you as the go-to-guy (or gal). We put you on multiple platforms media simultaneously, with a consistent authoritative message so you get maximum exposure and your name becomes synonymous with big solution dentistry.
AN HONEST Approach
Many dental marketing companies will try to sell you on a "Silver Bullet" type solution. 

Some promote direct mail, some promote google, SEO, or other digital services. We want to appear to be EVERYWHERE. Using a combination of a SUPER ROBUST digital Marketing Suite as our platform, we then incorporate an ultra effective, targeted Direct Mail campaign and go one step further with a long format 30 minute TV show to be broadcast regionally. 

When the patients see you on TV, then your magazine shows up to their house, then they see you on the Facebook wall and in their Google Display Network, your fame will be unmatched by your peers.
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