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As the name implies, Dental Authority Marketing is all about expert positioning. Practices grow rapidly by implementing strategies that are ALREADY tested and proven in not only our own practices but in multiple dental offices across the continent.
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There are New Rules in Dental Marketing - Pt II
Written by Dental Authority Marketing on October 1, 2018
If you read the first article in this series you may recall that in July we held a live training event, teaching dentists 21st century marketing strategy. We condensed four years of trial and error into a two day presentation that detailed exactly what’s working right now in dozens of markets.
The live training was a hit with doctors from across the continent. It was an intimate but powerful group of dentists who want to practice differently, to build their niche practices and escape the day-to-day madness of “dentistry for everyone.”

Key Take Aways

While every dentist in attendance was spending money on marketing, most didn’t have any basis on which to hold their marketing companies accountable, much less critique the campaigns they were paying for. Further, most in attendance (and docs everywhere for that matter) focused almost exclusively on price chopping and pursuing patients with dime-a-dozen, low-ball offers like “whitening for life.”

But does that really make sense? Seeking the segment of the market with the least to spend and the most indifference to care?

A lot of docs we talk to say they want a new way. They see some of their colleagues in a race to the bottom…and they are reluctant to join them there.

The key is having a strategy — ours is to attract patients with dental dilemmas. People who want a solution but haven’t yet met the dentist who can deliver. This is what most dental marketing is missing.

Consider the following two questions:

- Have you established yourself as the go-to guy or gal for real dental solutions?

- Are you getting a steady stream of solution oriented patients month after month?

If the answer is “no” to one or both then maybe it’s time you stop relying on marketing companies to know your patients better than you do. It’s time for you to take charge of your marketing and shape the future of your practice.

If only it was that easy right?

How can a practicing dentist plan and execute a marketing strategy that will outperform the established players in the marketing world?

Well for starters you could mastermind with colleagues who are already going down the path you have your eyes on. Why reinvent the wheel?

It was to this end that we conceived of Dental Authority Marketing (DAM). We teach dentists proven marketing strategies, using new technology and timeless principles to achieve authority positioning.

Our first live event in Las Vegas was a hit. Our next live event in Scottsdale will be even better. If you make the wise decision to attend you will leave with more actionable info than you could get on your own in years . You’ll get the tools needed to do it yourself, or if that’s not for you, to have an informed conversation with your current marketing provider and know they are taking you seriously.

You’ll gain the insight needed to hold others to account…and you won’t be sold a thing.

That’s our commitment: actionable content, proven systems, no pressure.

See what your colleagues have to say here: dentalauthoritymarketing.com/stories

And if you’re ready to claim your authority status then click here to reserve your seat in Scottsdale on February 8 & 9:

To an always bigger future,

Nate & Tim
Dentists, Co-Founders of Dental Authority Marketing
About the Authors

Dr. Nathan Jeal

Dr. Jeal bought and operated five dental clinics within 2 years of obtaining his DMD.
With great internal systems and strong marketing (mixed in with a little grit) he grew each location, eventually selling three of the five to associates.
Nate seeks out top performers and studies their success, knowing that there is wisdom to be found in tracing their steps. 

Dr. Tim Rauch

Dr. Rauch has become known for his dedication to using high value niche procedures to build his dental practices. From his early career in Albuquerque, running 3 practices with associates, to his current set up as a solo doc in California, he has proven time and time again, that the most efficient, most satisfying way to build your dental practice and decrease your headaches and stress at work, is by providing high end, elective treatment for patients with serious dental needs. 
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